Roller Sizer

The AIM Roller Sizer is a diverging, counter rotating roller system. Product is moved along sloping rollers that allow fractional sizing by dropping it, between the adjustable roller, into individual chutes. The Roller Sizer sorts a product based on its thickness (see diagram). A typical vibratory screen, with round or square holes, sorts on the first size or width. The Roller Sizer sorts the size or thickness.


Rotary Sizer Dimensions



  • 3 Phase 230/460V TEFC Motor
  • HP Requirements: 3/4 to 1-1/2 HP, depending on model
  • Models: 32-2-4, 32-4-4, 48-4-4, 48-4-6, 72-4-4, 72-4-6, 72-8-6, 108-4-6
  • Precision ground nickel plated rollers
  • Individual lane vibratory feeders


  • Custom design in-feed hoppers
  • Custom roller sizes and lane quantity
  • Power actuated hopper gates/dividers
  • Hopper discharge chutes with gates
  • Stainless steel sanitary hoppers
  • Dual lane vibratory feeder
  • High capacity scalping units


  • Variable sizing capabilities
  • Simple to adjust
  • Low HP requirements

Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Macadamias, Corn and Beans.

The Roller Sizer is a specialized machine that sorts by product thickness. It has been successfully used to sort thin almonds for candy bars, to size pistachios for market grading, to size walnuts for shelling, to remove halves or larger shells with walnut meats for re-cracking, and to separate whole and half macadamia kernels.

The sizer consists of a feed hopper, individual vibrator feeders for each lane, adjustable counter rotating rollers, adjustable discharge gates with frames and a belt-drive system.

The rollers are ground and nickel-plated for precision and long life. The gap or roller spacing is adjustable at each end of the rollers from a central point. All rollers are adjusted simultaneously from this adjuster. The moveable chute gates allow a second adjustment. The combination of the two adjustments gives great versatility and allows for quick and easy changes.

Separation variables include roller speed and slope. Increasing the speed and slope increases the capacity. The maximum roller speed is set so that the product does not float on the air current created by the roller. The slope is set as steep as possible so the product doesn’t tumble.

Roller Sizer units are available with 32″, 48, 72” or 108″ rollers. The 32″ rollers are used for three cuts or sizes while the longer rollers are used for up to eight cuts or sizes. The larger rollers can also be used when a longer, more progressive taper is required. One- to eight-lane units are constructed in a single frame unit.

The Rollers are machined to 4” or 6” diameter. The 4” rollers are for smaller products like pistachios, approximately 7/8” diameter and smaller. The 6” rollers increase the valley between the rollers improving the separation and capacity for larger products like in-shell walnuts, up to 2” diameter.

In comparison with lesser-priced, less-sophisticated sizers that allow few sizing options, the highly versatile, widely adjustable Roller Sizers are designed for precision, specialized thickness sizing.

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