B&B Fiction Separator

The AIM B&B Friction Separator with its rotating serrated drum and adjustable brush sorts products by their texture. The separation is achieved by the smooth product being gently pushed back on the serrated drum while the rough clods, splits, and other rough foreign material are pulled through the brush. The separation is not based on product density.


B&B Friction Separator Dimensions




  • 3 Phase 230/460V TEFC Motors
  • 2, 4 and 6 Head Units


  • Explosion Proof Motor
  • Optional Serration or Tooth Size


  • Large Precision Serrated Drums
  • Variable Speed Feeder
  • Collection Conveyor
  • Gentle on Product
  • Constructed For Around The Clock Operation
  • Low HP Requirement
  • Creates No Dust

IDEAL FOR: Edible Beans, Seed Beans, Sunflower, Popcorn and Other Seeds.

The B&B Separator is used to separate beans and popcorn from dirt clods of the same density and size. The B&B also has been used to remove cracked sunflower seeds,  It is generally applied as a finish sorter or a reclaim unit.

The B&B Separator can separate rough material, dirt and cracked beans from smooth beans and seeds. The material is metered by a variable-speed feed roller onto a timing roller, which deposits the material with precise timing on the serrated steel drum. An adjustable brush (for height and angle) on the roller gently pushes the smooth product back and drops it through the drum slot to a collection conveyor. The rough material is pulled through the brush and channels to a separate conveyor section.

The machine consists of a long, narrow feed hopper, variable speed feeding roller, timing roller, steel serrated separation drum, collection conveyor, and a framework with chain and gear drive.

The rock-solid B&B Separator, manufactured to demanding heavy-duty specifications, has been engineered for continuous, around-the-clock operation. The precision-machined drums are designed to function without re-machining for six to 10 years under the most demanding production loads. The B&B Separator minimizes product damage by using a minimal drop height and gearing ratios set to drive the drum at low RPMs.

The drums are machined with various teeth sizes. The size designations indicate the depth of cut, which affects the size and number of teeth. The .092″ drum is used for small beans (navy) and sunflower seeds. The .098″ is used as a general purpose (pink and pintos), the .108″ for large (kidney) and .120″ for jumbo (lima beans). Machines can be custom-designed for smaller teeth or to use other surfaces as possible traction surfaces.

The brushes are made from natural fiber pig bristles for long life and to minimize curl and flare in temperature extremes. The brush angle and height adjustments allow for variations in push-back or cleaning efficiency.

To achieve maximum outcome, the material must be spread along the narrow hopper. This is especially true on the four- and six-head units. The low-profile frame places the conveyor discharge just above floor height. A stand or second floor mounting can be used to raise discharge height if desired.

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