AIM Pinsorter

The AIM Pinsorter is an inclined revolving cylinder lined with needles which sweeps though the product. The product is fed into the cylinder and moves by the drum rotation and gravity along the bottom towards the discharge end. Any product with holes, cracks, chips or splits are caught by the needles and taken to the top of the cylinder where it is brushed off into a collecting chute or conveyor.


StandardChute StyleWith Optional Stand



  • 3 Phase, 230/460V TEFC Motors
  • 84-4 Chute Model
  • 156-8, 216-12 & 288-16 Conveyor Models
  • HP Requirements: 3/4 to 2 HP, depending on the model


  • High Density Needle Liner
  • Support Stand
  • Drum Guard


  • 24 hour operation
  • Exceptional long life needle
  • Replaceable needle sheets
  • Low HP requirements


  • Pistachio Splits, Sprouted Beans
  • Chipped, Cracked, Pierce Beans & Peas
  • Cracked, Split Walnut & Pecans
  • Stick tight (Unhulled) Pecans

The remarkably accurate AIM Pinsorter, unlike any other product on the market, uses banks of sharp pins lining a drum to precisely separate chipped, cracked, pierced, split or sprouted products. It can remove walnuts with damaged shells from those with intact shells, eliminate cracked shells and stick tight pecans, separate open-shell pistachios from closed-shell pistachios, and remove cracked, chipped, sprouted and insect-damaged beans from good product.

The AIM Pinsorter consists of a revolving cylinder, inclined slightly with the feed end higher than the discharge end. When the product is fed into the cylinder, it moves slowly by gravity along the bottom toward the discharge end.

The inside surface of the cylinder is lined with thousands of fine needles. As the cylinder turns, the needles comb through the product. Any product with holes, cracks, chips or splits is caught by the needles and rotated to the top of the cylinder, where it is brushed off into a separate collection trough.

The needle sheet liners are replaceable. Each sheet liner measures 38” X 72” and contains approx. 2,700 high-quality needles, made of a hard metal to remain sharp yet ducile to retard breakage. Six liners are used around the perimeter of a standard drum. High density liners with approx. 4,200 needles have proven effective on small products like bean and pistachios, increasing efficiency up to 40%. In pistachio processing plants, running 24 hours a day, nine to ten months a year, a typical needle sheet will last from two to six years. In seasonal pecan sorting, the needle sheet could last ten years or more.

Pinsorters are available in various sizes, with differing numbers of sheet liners. The model number indicates the length of the drum. For example, the large unit, No. 288-16, has a 288” – long drum. The model No. 84-4 has an 84” – long drum. Most units remove the cracked/split product via conveyor.  However, the 84” model is short enough to allow the product to be removed through a chute.  Although some above-floor installations require no additional safety measures, optional drum guards are available for added protection.

In any configuration, the AIM Pinsorter can quickly pay for itself by turning out high quality products in a fraction of the time it takes to manually sort.  Contact us and we can help you size the machine that fits your needs.

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